Shipping and Installation Starting at $199 in Tampa

Unique White Fireplace TV Stand with Custom Color Options

Introducing our exclusive white fireplace TV stand, a stunning piece that effortlessly combines modern design with practical functionality. Handcrafted in Turkey, this TV stand features elegant white glass, creating a sleek and sophisticated look that will elevate any living space.

For those who seek variety, we offer this unique TV stand in an array of colors, including gold, black, silver, dark grey, and bronze. Each variant uses different colored glass or mirrors, adding a personalized touch to fit your decor preferences perfectly.

The integrated fireplace feature provides a cozy ambiance, making it not only a stylish centerpiece but also a functional addition to your home. Ideal for contemporary interiors, this TV stand brings warmth and a modern aesthetic, making it a must-have for those who appreciate unique and luxurious furniture.

Visit De’Luxe Home Decor & Furniture to explore this exquisite piece and other unique furniture options. Our Tampa store offers an unmatched selection of modern TV stands and fireplace units designed to enhance your living experience.

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